We’re Jim and Beth Harger and we teach at several colleges and universities as professional adjuncts. Together, we have taught over 250 courses to 1000’s of students at several regionally accredited colleges and universities.

In our experience, we have seen many students who were unprepared for the task of taking online college courses. It is for that reason that we have developed this website. We believe everyone can benefit from a college education if they are prepared and know how to manage their time as a student. We want to help you be a successful online college student.

Professor Harger,

Thank you for all of your patience and guidance. I enjoyed this course very much! You were very integrated and that makes learning much easier. Thank you for all of your assistance, I will take what you have taught me into all my remaining studies and into my practice as a counselor.



Student, Colorado Christian University

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Greetings Professor Harger,

This was a very challenging class and certainly stretched me beyond any study I could have done on my own. I have learned a lot and appreciate your encouragement, words of wisdom and the importance of getting the most out of our textbooks! This was the first class where we were required to include Works Cited in our discussion posts, but it paid off in helping to remember the reading. Blessings to you and your family!


Student, Moody Bible Institute

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You have been what I think the gold standard for teaching looks like. I have grown this block! God bless you for caring!


Student, Colorado Christian University

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