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We have taught 1000’s of students in 100’s of classes, and based on our experience as students and instructors, we will share ideas and strategies to help you be a successful online student.

On this website, you will find tips and tutorials on everything from how to communicate with your instructor to setting up your document for APA Style.


OCS 09: Good Study Habit #4 Choose a Good Place to Study

Where you study is just as important as when you study. The thing to think about when deciding on a good place to study is if there are any distractions.

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OCS 08: Good Study Habit #3 Pursue Your Education with Enthusiasm!

It is important to be enthusiastic about your education. One thing you can do to remain enthusiastic is to think of a reward that will motivate you to continue. It does not have to be elaborate, just something you can look forward to and think about when you need a little motivation.

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OCS 07: Good Study Habit #2 Managing Your Resources and Priorities

Many students tell me that they struggle with time management. In some cases, it is not a lack of time management skills that is the problem, but too many things on their to-do list. It is a matter of setting our priorities.

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Professor Harger,

Thank you for all of your patience and guidance. I enjoyed this course very much! You were very integrated and that makes learning much easier. Thank you for all of your assistance, I will take what you have taught me into all my remaining studies and into my practice as a counselor.


Colorado Christian University

Do you value the money you spend on education?

Whether you are paying cash or borrowing the money, it should not make a difference on the value you place on your education.

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Our First eBook is Coming Soon!

I know it has been awhile since I have posted to this blog. We have been working on our first eBook, Online College Success. The book will be full of suggestions, advice, and tips for online college students. Everything from preparing for your first class, to...
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Good Work Takes Time

Planning your study time is important to being a successful online student. But don’t try to cram it all into one day. Good work takes time to reflect and think things through.

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