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About Us

Beth and I are professional adjuncts teaching at several colleges and universities. Together, we have taught over 250 courses to thousands of students at several regionally accredited institutions of higher education.

In our experience, we often see students who seem to be unprepared for the task of taking online college courses. Sometimes they do not know what to expect from the college or what all is expected to them as students.

It is for that reason that we have developed this website. We believe anyone can benefit from a college education, if they are prepared and know how to manage their time as a student.

Over the past ten years, we have developed strategies and tips on how to navigate the world of online education. We have compiled these tips and strategies into a book, Online College Success: Prepare, Manage, and Achieve Success in Online Education.

In addition, we are both life-long learners. Beth and I both have two master’s degrees, most of which was done online. Together we have hundreds of credit-hours in undergraduate and graduate studies.

We want to help you be a successful online college student.


About Jim

Jim HargerBefore committing to teaching full time, I was a member of the staff at Colorado Christian University. At CCU, I had several responsibilities, including enrollment counseling, academic advising, and directing a center for adult and graduate studies. All in all, I have worked with students from application to graduation.

I began my educational journey at the age of 18, attending Iowa State University. I had a great time but did not do so well in school because I had no idea what I wanted to do. After dropping out of ISU, I enlisted in the Army. About three years into my new career, I decided to take college courses. This was before online education, so each time I was transferred to a new Army base, I had to transfer colleges, too. All in all, I attended four colleges and universities during my military career. When I retired, I transferred all my credits—about three years’ worth—to one university, then another, and then another, before finally finding a school that worked for me. Being an adult with a family and work obligations, I needed flexibility, which led me to non-traditional education. In 2003, at the age of 41, I graduated from Colorado Christian University with a degree in Organizational Management.

A few years later, I began taking courses at Denver Seminary, but after one year took a leave of absence to complete a Master of Science degree in Education from Capella University. I completed all the coursework at Capella online. After that, I returned to Denver Seminary to continue my studies. Again, as before, I found it difficult to take courses offered on campus and work full time. The commute to the seminary was 90 minutes each way. I stuck with it long enough to complete a Graduate Certificate in Theology and then transferred to Knox Theological Seminary, where I continued my studies online and completed a Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies.

Prior to my career in education, I retired with honors from the United States Army in 1998. My tours of duty took me across the United States and overseas to Korea, Germany, and the Middle East.

My wife and I have been married for over 35 years and live in Greeley, Colorado. We have three adult children. Our daughter lives on the east coast with her husband. Our oldest son recently graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a degree in Environmental Engineering. And our youngest son is studying at the University of Northern Colorado.

When I am not busy teaching, writing, or creating tutorials for our website, you will find me on the golf course or with my wife, enjoying the mountains of Colorado.

Master of Science degree in Education with an emphasis in Postsecondary and Adult Education from Capella University
Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies from Knox Theological Seminary
Graduate Certificate of Theology from Denver Seminary
Blackboard Certificate in Teaching & Learning Online


About Beth

Beth HargerI started at Iowa State University right out of high school but left after three years to marry and travel the world courtesy of Jim’s army career. Nearly ten years later I had the opportunity to finish my bachelor degree thanks to—and in spite of—multiple life crisis events. Shortly after the death of Jim’s dad, Jim was recalled to serve with the front line troops of Desert Storm, and I relocated halfway around the world, from Germany back to Iowa. In just a few short months I became a temporarily pseudo-single parent raising a daughter in kindergarten and a non-traditional student on a traditional campus. It was stressful, but we survived, and I learned strategies to thrive in my studies there.

It took another ten years before online classes finally made it possible for me to start and finish my two master degrees and four graduate certificates. In between these two achievements, I enjoyed a successful career in the business world, primarily custom interior design and marketing for the housing and home furnishings industry.

This time my educational goals were prompted by a career move into higher education where I could indulge my addiction to research and learning. I started out as the first online enrollment counselor at Colorado Christian University. In 2011 I made to move to teaching online full time.

Master of Humanities with an emphasis in English from Tiffin University
Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction from Colorado Christian University
Graduate Certificate in Corporate Training,
Graduate Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning
Graduate Certificate in Instructional Technology
Graduate Certificate in Online Curriculum and Development
Blackboard Certificate in Teaching & Learning Online



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