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Prepare, Manage, and Achieve Success in Online Education


One of the biggest challenges with going to college and taking classes online is it adds to our already busy day. Add to that the obligations from a full-time job, family, and other obligations, and it can get overwhelming. I know! I’ve been there!

Discover tips and techniques that "A" students use to manage time and resources, plus strategies for preparing for assignments, participating in discussions, and writing papers.

Who is Online College Success for?

  • Students New to Online Education

    You have probably heard the saying, “proper preparation prevents poor performance." Well, it is true. New students have a better outcome if they prepare first. We show you four basic things you should do to be properly prepared for your first class.

  • Students Who Want to Develop Better Habits

    Learn strategies to effectively manage your communication, time, and, most importantly, yourself. Managing success is something we can all learn to do.

  • Students Who Want to Improve Their Grades

    Discover strategies that will help you achieve success in your education. You will learn how to get the most out of your reading assignments, how to get the most points in your online discussions, and how to plan and write good academic papers.

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What Others Are Saying About Online College Success!

  • Filled with practical, easy-to-follow advice, Online College Success: Prepare, Manage, and Achieve Success in Online Education is a must-read book for students taking (or thinking about taking) online courses. The author applies years of online teaching experience to reveal the “hidden” strategies that maximize student success in the online classroom. His book is the ultimate guide for students seeking realistic, doable guidance for navigating the challenges of online learning.
    B. Jean Mandernach, PhD B. Jean Mandernach, PhD Executive Director, Center for Innovation in Research and Teaching at Grand Canyon University
  • The trend toward online education is growing faster than ever and is broadening beyond the non-traditional student to now include a growing population of traditional online students. That's what makes this book so timely and beneficial. Jim's extensive knowledge and experience in preparing students for this type of program is evident throughout this book. I recommend it for anyone contemplating an online degree or enrolling in an online program.
    Mike Moroney Mike Moroney Vice President of Enrollment Management of the University of Northwestern St. Paul
  • Whether you are preparing to take your first online course or you’ve been taking online courses for a while, this book will give you the straightforward advice you need to get organized, achieve your goals, and be successful in the online learning environment. Mr. Harger writes in a friendly, conversational tone which is free from jargon (a welcome relief from other technical resources about technology in education). Throughout each chapter, he shares personal stories and integrates examples from his own experience as both an online teacher and an online student. Mr. Harger’s book is a resource both new online students and experienced online students will benefit from.
    Barbi Honeycutt, Ph.D. Barbi Honeycutt, Ph.D. FLIP It Consulting &
  • Jim Harger captures in a concise, but thorough, way what every non-traditional student needs to be a success in college! Especially helpful was his discussion on the two topics students bring up the most: finances and time management. His solutions for and understanding of the adult student are invaluable. I would recommend this book as required reading for all of our new enrollment counselors.
    Darris Stauffer Darris Stauffer Regional Enrollment Director
  • Online College Success is short, easy to read, clearly formatted, and brim full of practical ideas, resources, and personal examples from Jim’s extensive teaching career. I found myself nodding ‘Yes’ to his advice and experiences, and wishing that this resource had been available to me, even as a teacher. Any student who has the desire and self-discipline to read and apply the advice in this book will succeed. No doubt. I can’t wait to make it available to my students.
    Dr. Paul R. Cole Dr. Paul R. Cole Affiliate Faculty
  • Online College Success addresses the apprehensions of rookie online students, and anticipates the issues they will likely encounter in the first weeks of class. In a clear and engaging manner, Jim Harger draws from his experience as an online student, instructor, and administrator to give online students the content and confidence they need to achieve their academic goals.
    Kirsten Wilson Kirsten Wilson Affiliate Faculty
  • Jim’s book is a great introduction to online learning for adult students. He covers the nuts-and-bolts that students are often unaware of, preparing them for a smooth start to their education.
    Dr. Kristen Jensen Wall Dr. Kristen Jensen Wall Director of Institutional Effectiveness
  • This book is full of valuable information written in a clear, concise way without excess verbiage. It provides a framework for success for students and should be an encouraging read to those who are nervous about beginning their college journey.
    Adam Hone Adam Hone Student at Colorado State University

The Author

Jim has been teaching college students for nearly 10 years. He has taught 1000’s of students at three regionally accredited universities. His passion is to help adult students who are entering college for the first time or returning to college develop the skills and strategies to be a successful online college student.

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